Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ullmax update #1

If you remember I bought some Ullmax wool clothing to wear under the 'regular' biking clothes too keep me warm even if I get sweaty on my bike rides in sub zero temperature.

This monday I was out on a bike ride with Tobbe in -8 degrees Celsius and managed too keep me from freezing during the +1h ride!

Well, after getting in to the warmth of the appartment I removed all the training cloths to get ready to hit the showers but when I started to pull the legs of the thinnest wool-'trousers out of the socks I managed to rip a big tear in the side of the last leg! I didn't even pull hard!

This is how it looks:

Posistion on the leg:

I contacted Ullmax by email and the same day I got a answer that they will sent me a new pair of trousers, I didn't even have to send the torn ones back! Very good customer service!

Well, I have to wait and see if I really get a new pair first, but they are a well-known company so I take their word for it. I will be much more careful with the other pair...

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