Monday, January 12, 2009

Fight the cold!

So here they are at last. My latest tools in the battle against the cold and risk of freezing death when biking outside in the cold weather.

A box full of wool 'Ullmax' underwear and socks.
One pair of thin longjohns and long sleeve sweaters and a pair of thicker ones to wear over them when it's hell-freezing-over-cold!

I hope they deliver what has been promised. I will test them and return with a verdict!

Meanwile I'll sneak arount the appartment wearing my wool-ninja outfit, attacking unsuspecting furniture at random...


  1. Look out for the chairs, I have heard that they can be really aggressive when they are attacked.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I'll keep an extra eye open for those ferocius chairs!

  3. I need to by some wool, synthetics stinks after one use and I can't be bothered to wash my clothes after each ride - especially when pedaling to work.

    The comic Yehuda Moon illustrated this nicely yesterday. :D

  4. Hehee.. I have to wash the stuff today, it smelled stange, don't know how to describe it, chemical comes to mind. Probably treated with something...