Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Catch

Another super day and it was Sunday! Dragged my butt out and took some photos before the sun set. Still keen on testing my 'new' Sigma 10-20mm. I like the challenge of this lens, it demands some thinking and tinkering to come to it's right. All images are HDR:s made with Photomatix.

Harvester. Not the latest model.
Polhems wheel. Well a part of it.
More mechanics, a bit more modern, went berserk on the HDR on this one. :)Can't decide which one of these I like most so I post both even if they are alike.
Taken using the Nikon D90 and my trusty Manfrotto o55 XPRO B tripod. Better savour this day, next week will be all work!


  1. Polhems Wheel was nice but I also like berserk.

    Regarding the two I prefer the top one but don't like the centered sun in neither of them.

  2. Having seen Polhem wheel a couple of times during Ludvika stays at FMT, I must say this winter version is the best

  3. Mankan: Thanks! Must be because you didn't have to mush thru 60cm of knee deep snow! :)

    Tobbe: Thanks! Those industrial looking things makes perfect objects for some over-the-top HDR:s. :)

    Sorry about the suns placement, hadn't that much options! ;)