Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Swedish Mint

The Swedish one Krona have a new strike, yesterday was the first time I saw these. Got three in change back when I bought a soda at OK. First i thought I had got some kind of token before I noticed the other side. :)

The 1 Krona is released to mark the fact that it is 200 years ago Sweden and Finland separated. The lines on the reverse side of the coin symbolizes the sea between the two countries.


Metal content Alloy of 75 % copper and 25 % nickel
Weight 7.00 grammes
Diameter 25.00 millimetres
Border thickness 1.88 millimetres

Now I just hope the Swedish Riksbank will end the use of the 50-öre coin soon!


  1. The only one who'd miss the 50-öring would be the children, I suppose.

    Will be interesting to see how they solve the refund system for beercans, will they rise the refund to one krona or demand that you refund at least two cans in one go?

  2. The kinds should be thankfull now they got twice as much when they get a krona instead of a 50-öre!

    Hmm, well, the refound should be no problem, only if you return just one can and demand to get paid with cash. Perhaps a new opportunity for kids to get one krona from the cashier just to get rid of them? ;)