Monday, February 23, 2009


Were browsing through files on my computer looking for photos of me when I weighted less than 80kg and in the process I found these old 'sketches' I made, way, way back in time, on the big spaceship there is a mark, -93!!

Well, here's a list of some of them with a small description.

Some kind of all-terrain military vehicle, not totally unlike the 'Warthog' in Halo, just ten years earlier! =)
Another car, a futuristic one.
A blobbish space ship, I usually did them more angular looking.
A cluster of small spaceships, spaceshiplings.. :)

This one is probably the one I'm most pleased with, thinking about model it in some 3D-software, just have to figure out how I visioned it in three dimensions. ;)
Personal carrier, for short space travels.
A V-TOL capable air/space-ship.
Fast ship.
Armed to the max, small warship.
The space banana?
A somewhat regular looking car. Remember being very pleased with this one.
Another futuristic looking car.
A over the top futuristic looking 'car'.

That was the ones worth posting. Wish I had the inspiration and time to sketch now a days, guess my mind don't work the same way anymore. ;)


  1. Hey, I missed this post for some reason. I've seen them before and I am still in total awe!