Monday, February 23, 2009


Revenge or retribution seems to be a returning theme in Quentin Tarantino's movies and Inglourious Basterds seems to be no exception.

He also seems to continue his ultra violent path. I'm glad he's doing movies and not something else! Well, that could perhaps be said about many writers too, like Stephen King or Dean R. Koontz. ;)

The trailer looks promising and I'm looking forward to the next flick from Quentin!

Found this on IMDB while reading some of the comments, no clue if it's true or not, funny story anyway about the misspelling in the title :

"In the German Magazine `FilmSpiele SuperSpass` Quentin Tarrantino gave an interview. There he said that the reason that Inglourious is spelled with an extra `u` was because back when he worked in the videostore the storeowner had the original inglorious bastards in his computer file but it was spelled wrong, it was spelled inglourious. Because of that every customer who wanted to see the movie was sent home because the computer couldn`t find the movie, because the titles didn`t relate (Its years and years ago and search engines needed exact title entries otherwise they couldn`t find the movie/whatever). So Quentin worked there and he begged the storeowner to order the original inglorious bastards but the store owner told tarrantino that the movie was already in. So, after that, Quentin filed through all the books to see if the owner actually ordered it. As he said it took him 3 days of going threw the books after he found it. So that for him was evidence that he movie should be in the store somewhere. On the fourth day he searched the store and finally found it. It was in a black (no print or nothing) vcr box, thatswhy it was hard to find. So after that he always knew that IF the movie would be made, he would pay hommage to his 4 day search expedition to watch the movie.

There you have it! "


  1. Hm, Brad did not feel convincing in the trailer? Oh well, a Quentin movie is a Quentin movie. :D

  2. Brad is overrated anyway so I don't care. :)

  3. Say what you will, but Brad was the only reason I could stand to watch Troy.

    I liked him in Fight Club, Snatch and Ocean's Eleven. But yeah, he is way overrated.

    But if he brings down a whole movie due to bad performance, you have to care. Right? Not that I should judge his performance in Inglourious Basterds from the trailer...

  4. A trailer is always a trailer, when seeing it in it's context might be different?

    Talking about bad actors, Starship Troopers is bashed because of that but I still think it's a great movie. =)

  5. I would not go as far as calling it great, but it's quite good. And Dina Meyer is hot. :D

    The book is supposed to be great.

  6. Still not certain I have read the book but the story sounds familiar, must have been long time ago, I read a LOT of sci-fi books back then, most of it was crap but the good ones made up for it.

    Dina Meyer... Mmmmm.... Shower... :)