Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday, Sunny Monday...

Last Monday the sun shine and the rest of the week it hid behind the clouds, today the sun showed it self again! And again the rest of the week seems to be dull, weather vice...

Well, no time moping around, better start going, passing some buildings at Gammelgården (The old 'farm').

Tried to cross the yard but had to give up because of all the snow!

Well, under some 30-40cm of snow there is an old mill stone.

At midsummer's eve there are a lot of people here and they do funny dances around the pole with the rings on top. Yes, it's mostly children and yes, it's a ginormous symbolic fallos! Traditions are strange...

Time to move on, luckily someone plowed the shortcut.

Crossing the road via the tunnel.

A view over the Ludvika forssen (rapids), now the water mostly goes by tubes to the power plant and sometimes in the spring there might be some running water.

Ludvika Herrgård (Mansion), been home for the local hot shots, think it's owned by Spendrups nowadays.

Made it to Skuthamn, there were some snowmobile tracks I could utilize!

Not totally effortless to ride, but manageable!

Well, that's just plain cheating! But I have to thank all the snowmobile owners that make nice tracks for me to use!

Time to let the bike rest some.

Pretty cloudless sky. =)

Hid under the tree for a while.

Obviously taken before I trudged through the snow to get over there.

Had to take a shot of the ice Chrystal's.

A view over Väsman, the major lake near Ludvika. With less snow I could have crossed the ice to get over there.

This time I had to take the bicycle path past the 'new' restaurant Piren (the Pier(!)).

Made it to ABB:s latest building. Hard to capture how huge it is.

Well, time is running out, been taking too much photos and too lite pedaling! Better start getting home again.

Last short bit of trail before home.

The temperature was a bit 'warmer' today than last Monday (around 5-6 C.) but there were some wind and I'm glad I wore 'wind stopper' pants over the regular pants.

Seems like I managed to catch a cold anyway, tonight my nose started to run and my throat is starting to feel sore. Well, tomorrow morning I will know...


  1. Hope you woke feeling well today!

    Some really nice shots in there, especially rr02 and rr17!

  2. Thanks both!

    Nope, got the flu or something, 38,3 C fever, took a ipren to get the fever down...

    Glad I managed to get out biking yesterday!