Monday, February 9, 2009

Let the games begin!

Yesterday Tobbe posted a entry on his blog about his increasing weight. In the comments I dared him with a bet, the first one to reach 90kg will be treated a free 'Mongolian' buffet at the local Chinese restaurant paid by the 'looser'! =)

I feel I need a goal to get motivated to loose weight and even if I consider my self noncompetitive this will certainly help me to keep focused!

Tobbe thought the bet would be unfair since I weight slightly under 105kg. =)

So the final deal ended up like this: The first one who will reach his target weight will win, in my case 90kg and in Tobbes case 85kg

Once a week I will try to post a follow up on my weight here and when it (hopefully) starts to get closer to the target weight I will post more regularly!

If I loose I still hope it will have helped me to loose some weight and that can only be a good thing, may the less fat man win!

Just a note about the weight, when I were about to take the photo of the scale I noticed I weighted over 105kg! Then it hit me that I was holding the camera in my hands! :)


  1. Hey! Get the belly of the towel rack!

    And this is a good game, we'll both win some in the end. :)

  2. Hehee.. Yes, this contest should end up with two winners, hopefully. :)