Monday, February 23, 2009


Never thought I would be interested in a Samsung camera but the new TL320 (WB100) sure looks promising.

Some good stuff:
- 24-120mm lens (5x zoom)
- Full manual mode!
- RAW output!
- 30fps HD-video
- Dual IS
- hVGA AMOLED-display!
- Good looking
- 60fps movie mode (Only 320x200 though)

Less good stuff:
- No optical viewfinder (The OLED-screen saves this a bit)
- Weatherproofing
- No clue about speed or IQ yet.
- Price? ( £299 in UK)

Detailed specifications on DP review:
Looks quite compact too.
Like those analogue gauges!
Massive screen on the back.

Let's hope there will be some review out soon...


  1. 24-120mm lens (10x zoom)

    ..intressant nog står det ju 5x optical zoom på kameran :)

  2. Looks like don't test Samsungs? I'm skeptic, can they really make cameras?

    If you want full manual, take a look at Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3.

    Personally I think Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 (AKA ZS3) looks promising with it's Leica 25-300 mm lens, alas no full manual and only 30 fps (but AVCHD Lite file format). Sample photos and a test of the old TZ5. Looks like it'll be released in April.

  3. Anonymous: Tack! Det var ju den andra modellen WB550 som hade 10x zoom! Ska ändra! =)

    Tobbe: Yes, the Lumix:es are indeed interesting too and perhaps a bit less expensive, hopefully! :)
    Will take a closer look.

  4. The DMC-LX3 would be nice but it lacks the zoom I would like in an compact, if I want to take landscape images I use my DSLR. =)

    And the DMC-TZ7 almost has it all except the manual control... The quest for the perfect compact is perhaps like looking for the holy grail? ;)

    I hope you buy the TZ7 so I can try it out!

  5. The TZ7 is not the holy grail so I won't buy it (unless we somehow loose both the Lumix DMC-FX8 and Ankis Ixus).

    I want at least 60 fps in HD, but the rest of the TZ7 looks great. Water proofing would also be a big plus. Manual control would be a good feature but it's quite rare that I need it and when I do I use the ol' 300D.

    And landscape/wide angle is much more useful in a small compact then tele. You're more likely to be close to the motif when using a compact for some reasons, it's probably 'cause you take snaps with a compact and take photos with a DSLR.

    It's in fact one of the issues I have with the FX8 and it's 35-105 lens. Actually I can't remember when I last zoomed it to the max but it's very common that I need to step way back. But true, the 24-60 mm lens on the LX3 is a tad to little tele (can you even call 60 mm tele?).

    Take a look at Canon PowerShot G10, it has a 28-140 lens and full manual (but according to dpreview the LX3 is a better cam).

  6. Not suggesting that the TZ7 is THE compact cam, more like there is always something that's missing in the specs, if it has this than it's lacking that and so on.

    Yes I appreciate wide angle more than zoom but it's nice to have it there when I need it. G10 sure is a fine camera but the price is a tad on the expensive side!

    And in that case I could go for the Nikon CoolPix P6000 and be able to utilize my Speedligh and familiar software.