Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Electro plague?

Once again my electric stuff seems to be hit by some kind of electronic plague, two of my devices has stopped working. On my lunch I went home and I had lost my Internet connection, called the help desk since I thought there was something wrong with the modem but finally we concluded that it was the network socket in my PC that was the problem... *Gaharg!*

Wonder what will go next? My new flat screen monitor? My camera? My phone?

Strange that these breakdown occur at the same time, a few years ago I went through the same scenario, think it was my microwave oven that gave in first, not long after that my TV broke down and if i remember correctly there was something more that broke down during that same period!

Perhaps it's a flu and the virus is spread by electrons? Or perhaps there is a outbreak of fat electrons on the electrical grid? ;)

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