Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cream Bun...

Not as 'dirty' as it sounds, just almost! Managed to eat my first semla this 'season', a bit disappointed though. They had been holding back on the whipped cream and marzipan, don't care much about the marzipan but there has to be a lot of cream, it is after all a Shrove Tuesday pastry! =)

Well, I should perhaps not complain, coffee and pastry was 39:- SEK total at Café Engel and that's a fair price.


  1. I don't like marzipan or cream, but should it not be almond paste in a semla? Not that I'd like that any better but still...

  2. Almond palmond, it's almost the same, both tastes bad anyway. :)

    If you read the Wiki they use both words.

    And if you read it even more they say that in Finland it's usually jam and not marzipan in the semla, MUCH better! :)

  3. I agree, they both taste bad (and are made from almonds). They are, however, not the same. :)

    I used to put strawberry jam in my semlas back when I was a kid. :D