Monday, January 12, 2009

Wool, hot or not? First test!

Well, promised a report about the Ullmax preformance and after roughly a one hour ride in windy condition I must say it worked well beyond expectations!

Used the thin, long johns over my bike shorts and both the long sleeve sweaters under a windjacket.
The temperature was around 5 degrees Celsius, colder weather promised for the next days so perhaps I get a chance to try them out under the freezing point.

Stopped several times to shoot some photos but never felt really chilled even though I was sweating.

A few images from the ride around 'town'.


  1. A thing people claim about wool is that it's always comfy no matter what the outside temp is. It's supposed to be warm in cool and cool in warm.

    Let me know how that works. :)

  2. I will be testing them and report the results here!

    My problem is I sweat, and I sweat a LOT, and everybody who know anytning about freezing knows that sweat is someting you want awoid in cold weather since the moist will make you feel frozen.

    Yes, they say wool is supposed to make you feel warm even if the wool is moist or wet, so far it seems to be correct. :)

    And they are rigt about it feeling itchy, not much but you can feel it sometimes, hopefully it will lessen after wear and a few washes.

    Actually looking forward to some cold weather the next days to come!