Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Borrowed my little sisters Wacom tablet and accessories a few years ago, after that my little brother used them and after another year my sister aked if I still got her tablet? Managed to locate everything from install CD:s to hardware except the pen!

Litterally pulled everything upside down at my parents house looking for the pen, which of course is no ordinary pen but a special pen that must be used to just that tablet. Finally I had to give up, the pen was lost. Thought naïvely that it would be a siple thing to buy her a new pen but it turned out to be not so simple.

The different tablets use different pens, after some searcing on wacoms home page I manage to locate som information:
"What pens are compatible to what tablets types? Since the different tablet types work with different frequencies, not all pens are compatible to all tablets. Intuos supports only Intuos input devices, Intuos2 only Intuos2 devices, Intuos3 only Intuos3 devices. All UltraPad pens are compatible to PL/Cintiq (do not use UltraPen Ink or UltraPen Pencil on PL/Cintiq!), Graphire and Graphire2 devices are compatible among each other but not to other tablet types."

That cleared a lot of confusion and I found a netshop where I can buy a new one!


  1. This blog entry is not complete without some work of art you did with the tablet all those years ago. :P