Monday, January 26, 2009

Lunch break beetle...

If someone missed it we got a ton a snow the last few days. To seize the moment I got my photo gear and during my lunch break I drove to a location where there's a old junk car.

Managed to shoot a few photos of the Volkswagen Beetle from different angles in about 20 minutes.

The HDR-images is made with Photomatix, a no time limit demo-version availabe at their homepage:

Wish the sun had shine, would have made all the difference for the light, well got some exercise mushing thru the snow and some climbing the steep road. =)

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  1. Tobbe Arnesson said...

    This is regarding the Volkswagen Beetle, the comment box does not appear in that blog post for some reason.

    Nice photos! Did you take your car there?

    In German a 'V' is pronounced as 'F' and a 'W' is pronounced as a normal 'V'. Hence Volkswagen is spelled just like that and pronounced Folksvagen. You have the W and V reversed, but Volksfagen works too. ;P

    If you apply this pronunciation to the school Vasaskolan it becomes somewhat amusing. At least to me.
    January 27, 2009 7:38 AM

    Hmm, strange, the commentbox seems to work now atleast.

    Thanks! Yes, drove to Ikorbotten, parked as close I could and walked down the last bit.

    Now that you write it, it's of course a simple way too keep the V/W right. =)

    Btw. you are easily amused! ;)