Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The final iteration?

Think I'm starting to reach the final setup on my Crescent race bike. Today I got some stuff I ordered earlier, new saddle and finally a pair of Shimano 105 race pedals.

At last the end of accidental releases when pushing a bit harder, and without the play and wiggle! Was on the Wednesday ride today. Over 70km, what a difference! Even got rid of the squeaking by really tighten the crank arms, I hope I will be able to get them loose when I need to. =)

Had to put on a second bottle holder to be able to get all the water I need with me, the bike only has one mount for bottle cage so I had to buy one that fit right on the tube, works fine!
Got some other stuff too.

2x Continental Cyclecross Race 700x35 tires to put on the Crescent for gravel roads. A 'Original' SKS Rennkompressor, sure look indestructible! If one would breake something despite that it's apparently possible to buy almost any part in it as spare part so it's a investment for life.

To fill the road tires to 8bars was a breeze! =)
A couple of shots from today's Wednesday ride.

On our way to Grängesberg.
Riding through Saxdalen:
The ride leader for the day had come up with a (evil) concept for the day, the plan was to visit several steep hills on the route, a sprint to the top, the "winner" rides down again and when the others climbing up meets him they turn around and go down too.

Great exercise that makes the strong work harder and evening out the wait time and everyone can choose how hard they want to pedal. :)

GPS-track, almost 80km and 2,5h:


  1. You forgot to visit the steep hill in Sörvik, pretty cool exercise!

    And you finally shelled out for a track pump! :D

  2. Yeah, we kind of run out of time so it was directly to Ludvika after Sunnansjö.

    The pump was on sale and I couldn't restit buying it. :)