Saturday, June 18, 2011

Scotland 2011, part 2, Glentress

As if the Thursday wasn't nice enough, on Saturday we woke up to a another splendid morning, blue skies and sunshine! Sweet!

Some maintenance before hitting the trails, the plan was to get to Glentress yet again but this time take the Black trail all the way, last year some parts were closed off...

Before we knew we were on our way, apparently we had been observed the day before and appropriate signs were now placed on our route! ;)

Every home should have a tower with merlons!

Another pretty old house!

Caught a peacock!

Another stunning day!

So what's up with the long face?

Past the last bridge, one again.

View of River Tweed from the "short cut".

Second breakfast, as always! :)

Some one had invested some serious money on a rather bomb proof bike!

After second breakfast it was time to climb yet another time!

Through dense forests.

A well deserved brake in the heat, this time we sayed in the shadow!

Going down single track in the forest, fantastic trail!

A short paus and chat before last part down to the forest road.

Some transport to next view point.

The view was worth the climb so far. =)

Anders & Niklas resting their legs.

Jonas, Malin and Per opted for a spot in the sun.

I climbed some rocks to show off! :)

The climb to the top continued on the winding trails.

Cleared the forest and got out on the heather covered hill side.

There was a tired welcome committee at the resting place.

Ah! Still cold!

Some of us took cover in the small wind shelter, but this time from the sun, should have learnt from last visit to bring sun block! :)

Pale Scandinavians in the sun.

Close encounter with local wildlife.

Happy smiles before hitting "Britney Spears, hit me baby (one more time)!"

After that joy it was a cruel climb up to the Antenna. Could still feel yesterdays ride in my legs...

New territory for some of us, this part of the route was closed last year. Think it's called Boundary trail.

The start.

Almost too much fun to stop for shooting many photos but I made a few stops to take some.

Now we were approaching what became the highlight of the day!

Deliverance! Perhaps I screamed like a pig now and them but I promise it was from pure joy and adrenaline! The amazing single track just kept going forever!

After this shot my camera, Casio EX-FH100 started to act strangely and shut down by it self for no reason, perhaps heat exhaustion?!

Per went ahead to find a good photo spot. After the insane Deliverance it's time to pay for the ride by climbing "Redemption", a well chosen name! It almost depleted the last strength one had left.

Hardly can remember what route we took back to the hub after that but the last part down was great as always, this time picking other routes where possible.

Since my camera stopped working I took no more shots until we got back at the house after dinner and now the camera worked of again, test shot with people catching up and reviewing photos from the day.

Great to finally be able to make the whole Black route all the way, totally worth it! =)

We tracked almost 50km and 5h that day!


  1. Excellent!, glad you got around the whole Black route as you got to ride the 2 best descents,
    I need to film Boundry trail and Deliverance with the Go Pro chesty soon!
    And you got great weather too!