Friday, June 3, 2011

First day in Glentress!

What a day! It couldn't have been much better, it started a bit slow after last nights late arrival but by eleven it was full throttle!

Two different persons has pointed out that we brought the good weather with
us, just like last year! We are thinking about charging for being here. ;)

Apparently the weather has been a bit sketchy earlier, I thought it was always like this! The negative is that I have burned my scalp but that's asacrifice I'm prepared to make! :)

Today we been riding the red and blue around Glentress. Tomorrow we will
make the black route all the way around, last year some trails were closed due to

Tired, go sleep now I will...

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  1. It seems Dalecarlians bring that kind of weather!

    You sure ate a lot! :-O

  2. Yes, several persons pointed that out! :)

    Biking makes hungry!