Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day three!

Finally some true Scottish weather! 10th degrees celsius and gray overcast! ;)

Today we Spent the whole day in Innerleithen, we rode the route up to Minch Moor, even the climbing is nice occasionally!

After finnishing the "classic" and a visit back in innerleithen for lunch we took the same trail again. But this time we went almost up to Minch moor before Going down Inter stellar, some of us took the left turn and others the right, apparently the riaght one was the manly trail! ;)

The left one was not bad either! After that we run in to some "locals" (regulars from Edinburgh) that showed us (some of us anyway) some hairy "local" trails, what a blast! Nice gyes (and girl) one could tell they had run them before!

All in all another stellar day despite the less good weather!

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  1. With weather like that is was a good thing I stayed home!

  2. Hehe, was actually quite nice on the afternoon when the wind calmed down a bit, the water consumption went down dramatically compared to the hot days! =)