Monday, June 6, 2011

Day Four...

Today it was time to get to Kirroughtree, the bus was waiting on us at 9am, after roughly 2h we arrived at site!

Andy made some witty remarks about our enthusiasm (or lack off) we are all quite worn after four consecutive days of riding. About 6-7 hours per day...

But after the legs realized that resistance was futile we were on our way on the black trail. Quite different environment compared to innerleithen and Glentress, less straining climbs, thankfully, and winding trails that seemed to go on forever!

At the furthest point we "entered" Mac Moab" a slick rock playground, hence the name. Too bad almost all strength was gone but it was good fun anyway, I and one more of us rode down the near vertical wall down to the road, quite a adrenaline rush! :)

Then it just got better, a amazing end of the day, the trails at the end was simply pure fun, must be even better with fresh legs!

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  1. Sounds nice! The biggest bummer (apart from all the splendid friends) was missing Kirroughtree.

  2. Kirroughtree was unbelievable, the flowy trails just kept going forever, felt like that anyway!