Monday, June 13, 2011

BD Boat trip...

Tobbe treated us with a boat trip since it had been his birthday earlier, we were the second bunch of people that day that got a tour on lake Väsman near Sunnansjö area.

The "boat"! :)
The "bunch".
The harbour.
The view.
On our way!
More posing.
Lot's of cameras. :)
A osprey, apparently spotted on the early trip already.
Time for BBQ!
I was so occupied (and hungry) I didn't notice my camera got kidnapped by Tobbe and I managed to get on some of the photos. :)
After eating too much every one went into meat coma.
When the coma passed it was time for dessert!
Starting to get late? :)
Time to head homeward again.
Where was home again?
Had to navigate using the moon since no stars were visible! The small island in the foreground was probably home for the osprey.
Looks like familiar turf.
Maps can be used for many things...
After we got off the boat Tobbe had another hour back to the boats home base...
Thanks Tobbe (& Anki) for a great day out! Next time I will wiser and only eat one burger! ;)

More photos for the curious:

Part of the first leg, we anchored at the end point:


  1. What do you mean "only eat one burger"? Does not compute! ;D

    Thanks for a great day and the gifts!

  2. Oh, and I did note there was 42 photos in the Picasa album! :)

  3. Actually not an Osprey, but rather a honey buzzard. Excellent pic nevertheless!