Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Sun Set

Some fairly recent sun sets I'm posting after some processing.

This time I managed to be out on site in time before the sun managed to set behind the horizon!

This one came out a bit over the top with the colors but I decided to keep it like that nad the water looks a bit weird after merging the seven exposures...

Took the car out to a spot where I haven't been before to do HDR:s, Finnäset.

The calm weather allowed all the pollen stay on the water surface, but it looks pretty good anyway.

This was actually on the way out on to the peninsula had to try capture the light in the woods. Thankful for the non existent wind. =)

A final shot before the sun disappeared behind the mountains...

Captured a couple of Northern Pikes in their act, I could hear the splashing a long time before I managed to spot them, they didn't take much notice of me. :)


  1. Nice stuff. I especially liked the forest picture. It looks very much like in real life, though it is obvious that traditional photography won't give pictures like that. I should really start doing some HDR stuff...

  2. Thank you! Yeah, the trees would be nothing but silhouettes if I had wanted to capture the sun set in the background.

    Wonder when there will be camera sensors able to cover the whole dynamic range of a human eye?

    Free trial version of Photomatix available here: http://www.hdrsoft.com/download.html =)

    Just a warning, it's highly addictive!