Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday ride premiere!

Fifteen brave souls had gathered outside Lindbergs Cykel for the first Wednesday ride of the year! The weather have slowly got better during the day and at 6:30 PM it was still sunshine and around 10 degrees Celsius!

Here's a shot of some of today's riders.
We started by cycling towards Smedjebacken but we turned and took the route over Gubbo, from Smedjebacken back towards Ludvika but again another turn into the road towards Hagge.

We kept going on to Snöån and then finally to Ludvika again. I have some problems with Endomondo right now so I got no tracking, but it registered the distance and average speed. Slightly over 40km, took ~1h 30min, average speed 26km/h.

Thought it would be a piece of cake to ride in group but it was hard work to keep up despite that the orders where to try keep a speed of max. 26-27km/h.

Was nice to have some more gears to choose from and not to mention some large sprockets in the rear for the climbs! =)

Feels great that the road bike season is on!

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