Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ride like the wind?

Had to take the bike for a spin today, the wind was blowing like crazy but I couldn't help it...

Rode against Snöån, had the wind in my back so I was flying on the road, no time to worry about getting home. :)

Massive spring flood in Snöån.
New helmet, regular Bell Alchera, fits well on my head, suppose that's most important.
Snöå stream.

Bike felt good, so far... The new handle bars had the right amount of "flex" when keeping the hands in the drop.
Further ahead, water flowing from one part of the lake to another.
Spotted some swans.
After taking this shot I continued but now I was starting to feel the head wind, and it got worse as I got closer to Ludvika, by the time I turned toward Ludvika after Hagge it was dead on head wind! It was a good work out! ;)

Coltsfoot, Tussilago farfara.
New cockpit view.
Felt some play in the pedals and almost at home the play started to feel really big, looked down at the bottom bracket and one could see the reason why french threads where abandoned.
The BB had started to come loose during my short ride. When I got home I removed the cranks and applied some blue loctite and re tightened, put as much force as I dared, hopefully it will stay put from now on...

Got the GPS-tracking to work again, had to uninstall Endomondo and reinstall it:

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