Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh, deer...

Another hunt for deers after a ride. Noticed two deers on a field after Snöån on my way back to Ludvika. Took the same route as with the bike this Monday and about half way I spotted some big birds (not the one from Sesame Street) on an other filed.

The Common Cranes walked away from me and I had to follow them a couple of hundred meter on the wet field and surprisingly I managed to get quite close before they saw me and took off, much thanks to the fact they disappeared out of sight for a while behind a small hill. :)

Continued the journey and when I passed the bridge I noticed two birds that look different from the usual mallards, it turned out to be grebes. Didn't get close to those either...

After passing where I saw the deers during the ride, the deers were probably long gone, I could see a lone deer out on a open field! Parked my car and carefully closed the doors after getting my gear. I started shooting from the side of the road but the roe deer didn't care much for me so I gradually moved the tripod closer until the deer started to look a bit suspicious...

Stood a while shooting from where I stood and suddenly the deer started to get closer, it gradually moved closer and closer, seemed very curious and as it got closer he sniffed the air trying to identify what strange animal I was.

Then two birds just for the sake of it, one that was in a tree before I left.
And today I shoot a European starling, they look rather dull on distance but up close one can see lots of colors!
All shots with Nikon D7000 & Nikon 300mm/f4 AF-S + Nikon TC-14e II

Bonus! The levitating cat!

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