Sunday, April 3, 2011

Harry Hill...

Chore of the day:

Not entirely true, also helped mum to prune some apple trees...


  1. Bra jobbat på 4 minuter! Fast jag ville ju se bild på äppelträden också!

  2. You forgot to wash under the bonnet. ;)

    Found any impact traces?

    I washed two cars yesterday but my own car is still equally dirty. :[

  3. @Sari - Ja, kände mig extra pigg igår! Det började ösregna när vi blev klara med äppelträd nummer två så det blev inga bilder på det. :)

    @Tobbe - Are you sure? Perhaps I did so fast that the camera didn't register it? :)

    Had some small scratch marks on the rear left side "bumper", no biggie.

    With weather like this my car will be dirty just standing in the parking space, at least the huge spots of salt is washed off!