Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Caffeine suprise!

Today it was time for the third "Onsdagscykling" with Lindbergs cykel, that's Wednesday ride, Börje who is keeping the Wednesday rides every week decided which rider has to come up with a new route til next time.

Last week I got the "honor" for the first time and had to come up with a route for today, did some thinking and decided to a pretty basic route around lake Väsman. On Saturday I took a test ride to see if the bike lane to Stensbo was usable, turned out there was a lot of sand and gravel on the asphalt. :(

Was about to scrap my plan when I got a email from mum on monday telling that the bike lane was sweeped in Grängesberg! Went to check for my self in Ludvika and here it was clean too.

Then it hit me that I might as well have a small pit stop in Grängesberg just to surprise the fellow riders. :)

Asked my mum if she had the possibility to arrange something and she promised to make some fresh baked cinnamon buns, coffee and some lemonade. :)

Managed to keep it to my self during the ride and when approaching Björkås I had to go up front and get the group to turn left, a bit strange option if you plan to pass by Grängesberg, got a few surprised questions, but they followed me.

When we finally was at the house I stopped but the group didn't quite catch on why I stopped so I almost had to convince all that there was coffee, water and something to eat, when they finally saw the cinnamon buns and coffee cups the coin fell down and it didn't take long before there was a line piling up with happy faces. =)

I hope everyone got something to get the spirits up, sounded like it anyway. As we were about to get going again there was a spontaneous applause to thank my mom! Thanks again!

On the way back to Ludvika we passed under the new "tunnel" bridge over the road, built by the brewery, already called the "Bottleneck" by the locals.

Unfortunately we were a bit behind "schedule" since there had been a flat tire earlier and the evening was getting both colder and darker by the time we got back to Ludvika but I hope that didn't cause any problems for anyone!

Totally forgot to start my GPS-tracking since I was explaining the route just before we took off, no photos from the stop either. That's unusual! Hope someone was more alert...

Here's a approximate plot of the route:

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  1. Världens bästa mamma! ;-) /Sari

  2. Cool beans! You've just upend the ante!

    I felt feverish on Tuesday evening and went the safe route and staid at home. Cinnamon bunner!

    Perhaps for the better since I'm now starting to feel the throat. :/