Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday wellness...

Took a short bike ride after work today, how nice isn't it to have daylight in the afternoons again?!

Made a brave, or foolish attempt to ride a narrow path through the snow, probably after some one who has walked the dog, ended up on the cross country ski track but the surface on skate zone was hard enough for the bike, hardly left any trace.

Followed the ski track a while before getting out on the road, made a try to bike on the snow crust but I was way too heavy, fell to the side when bike stopped and my leg disappeared into the snow must be over a meter of snow in the open areas in the forest!

Passed the tiny bridge over the water.
Followed the road back to Ludvika, there is some kind of ground preparing going on in Landforsen, deep trenches and lots of pipes. The small road was closed for traffic.
Was getting a bit cold since the wind was more noticeable in the open but I had to make a short detour to the shore of Väsman and take a few shots of the sun set.
Almost a hour ride, short but sweet. The second thin layer of LiquiSole on the side of the Surly Endomorph tire seems to work wonders, going to treat the rear wheel to.


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