Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring is in the air?

Was a bit disappointed at Tuesday that I hadn't time to go for a ride on Monday since it was so nice weather and at that point the whole day was gray. But this Wednesday the forecast had promised warmer temperatures and sun shine!

The forecast was correct for once and I decided to spend the one hour we are allowed to use for exercise (by our employee) and used he flex hours to get home little past three, plenty time in the daylight!

Took the usual shortest route to lake Väsman, only some loose plans of where to go, wasn't sure the snow was going to be hard enough to carry my weight but it was worth a try!

The snow mobile track parallel to the stream was indeed promising!

Met some dogs playing in the sun, soon after the owner started shouting after them. :)

Were the tracks going to be ok?!

Up in the small gap in the forest is a small wind shed where from I have taken many photos at this direction. :)

Luckily the tracks were ridable but there were no way to ride in the snow, way too deep and no traction with the Endomorphs. A thin layer of crust on the snow but it will take many warm days and cold night to make it think enough to carry a heavy rider like me!

Short stop at Kaffeholmen. Such nice weather and not to mention the humane temperature compare to last time! Just a few degrees minus and warm sun. =)

Oddly shaped thee here! =)

Kept going on the tracks next to the shore.

Starting to get some distance from Ludvika.

Long time since I was to the old power station.

Parked the bike for a while in the sun.

Have a shot with similar angle through the window but with green summer out side...

A vindöye in the ceiling . :)

Found a ladder up in the tower but this was on the floor beneath it, bird poo in large amounts!

Think I found the perpetrator! Looks a bit guilty?

More "guana" on the second floor. Hope there is no bird flu here...

Got down from the ladders and went outside, wasn't THAT keen on going up to the second floor!

After the short explore it was time to keep going. Passed all the posh villas again.

Saw this flag point out of the snow, I hope there is no kid on a small bike forgotten under the snow!

After a long time I was in Sörvik.

"Note well! Water skiing jetty"

Got back on to the ground for a while, followed the snow mobile track towards Ludvika.

Still plenty snow in the woods!

Thought I could use a short cut I usually take at summer to avoid traffic, decided to skip it!

Took the bike lane.

Back at the water again.

Decided to hit the ice again.

Reflexions on the snow crust.

Pose time for the Pug.

Hard to decide which track to take, and which will be best?

Sun set is not far now!

Looooooooooooooooooooong shadows..

Took another track back to Ludvika.

Looking back.

Huge snow flakes. :)

The pier.

The new ABB-building on fire in the evening sun!

Any moment now...

Back on solid ground.

Last shot of the sun, after that straight back home. What nice way to spend a afternoon! =)

Not quite 2h and 15km.



  1. Guilty is the word! :-) /Sari

  2. I hope not all came from the same bird... =)