Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring cleaning...

The snow and ice is melting fast now so I thought I'd give my road bike, Crescent Competition 12, a well needed overhaul.

Haven't touched the bike since the (Ronde van) Retaard and there was still mud and sand from Göteborg stuck all over the bike and it was single speed state.
Removed the wheels, bottom bracket, brakes and fork, removed all the old hardened grease (probably from the 80:s!) and then re-greased and put everything back again.
The bearings in the headset was rather OK but the troublesome bottom bracket looked much worse, it seemed to have taken a lot of abuse during the Retaard and the drive side ball bearing ring was a bit askew. I hope to have that matter sorted out soon...

Noticed that my phone was missing and realized that I had forgotten it at work so what could be more appropriate than take the just ready made bike to go fetch it? :)

The feeling, swooshing forward on a road bike after mushing in the snow all winter with the Pugsley, is unbelievable, so effortless!!! :)

There was some moist in the air and I could feel the water getting thrown up by the rear wheel on to my back but I couldn't care less! Can't wait to get out on a proper outing with the bike!

During lunch today I was at home, thought I'd exchange the tires front/back and after that I started to inflate the rear wheel, had about 7bar pressure when the tube exploded, right to my left ear! Had a ringing tone a long time and on my way back to work I popped in to my LBS and bought a couple of spare tubes.

The flat pedals looked a bit funny but they were laying aroud at the moment and I couldn't find the smaller ones.
The, just a moment ago, clean brakes.
Now if the roads just could dry up fast enough...

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