Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snow Stream Island...

There's hopefully not long time left to take advantage of the frozen lakes so I took a trip to anther lake nearby, lake Haggen.

As usually it took a bit longer to get going than planed, the clock was around 12 before I was on my way, hoped the surface wouldn't be too slushy from the warmth of the sun. Lovely weather tough, surprised it could be this nice on a weekend! =)
Almost got run over by the train!
Had a slight head wind, not as bad as previously this week, even managed to cross the lake I failed to cross last time. There was a slight snow fall earlier, all the tracks were covered with loose surface.
Used the bike lane since I had head wind, hopefully I would be able to ride back on the lake.
Found a sign, something for sale...
A steam boat! But where's Willy? ;)
Not here anyway.
By now it was time to enter the ice, found some usable snow mobile tracks to follow, fairly hard.
No snow mobiles had been close to the island Snöån so I had to push the bike the last stretch.
Surprised I managed to bike the some 10 meters in this deep snow with crust.
Found a bay that was protected from the win but which had sun shining on it. Made a fire from some dead trees and had a small picnic.
Another exciting video, making fire in the windy conditions.

After the fire burned out it was time to get back, this time I had a slight tail wind but most of the wind came in sideways.
Took a while before I found a hard track but after that I could keep good speed towards Ludvika, passed another small lake on my way home.
Back at Marnästjärn. The warmth had now made the tracks a bit soft, still usable though.
Not far now...
Recorded slightly over 16 km in about 3h:

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