Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WRC 2011

Time for another MEGA-post! :)

Last Saturday (12th February) it was time to visit my first WRC Rally. Well, not entierly true since a few years ago I visited the service area in Grängesberg but this was first time visit to the actual race stages.
This won't be the last time! What a fantastic event just around the corner! I just regret not going earlier, Fredriksberg is less than a hour away...

Friday was awful, it was windy and snowing, and on top on that cold! The forecast had predicted sun for Saturday but even colder weather. On the way to Fredriksberg the thermometer in the car indicated -26C occasionally! Thankfully when we arrived the temperature was a more pleasant -16C and the sun was shining, one could feel the warm sunlight!

On the way out on our first stage, new for all of us, there was a 3km walk to the spot.

A wonderful winter day!

Warm clothes to survive a whole day in the wild. :)

MC-ordinances transported video media from the camera crews to the media center.

The hard core fans had arrived a day earlier, there was a gasoline driven electric generation dug down a few meters from the van...

The woods were full of people already!

Bored forest workers has left their mark.

Did I say there were more people?

Smoke rising from fires every where, the air was full of smoke.

Swedish fans...

Nice forest...

The Finish fan club, parts of it... =)

The loo, notice the TP on a stick.

I wasn't the only one with a camera.

Steady breakfast.

First safety car, the Swedish rally legend Björn Waldegård behind the wheel!

More audience.

Slo-mo video:

Regular, HD-quality:


More breakfast...

Kimi Räikkönen, known from F1.

Ken Block, known from Youtbe. ;)

Mechanical problems.

Smoking driver calling for support.

Perfect road conditions!

This was the best shot I managed to get of the Audi Quattro! :(

On the way to the last stage..

Part two in next post...

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  1. I recognize a logo or two! :)

    We used to visit the Nyhammar stage when that was still in the rally, got there via snow mobile. The first couple of cars are impressive to see the speed, but then it gets pretty boring until the non-pros come. ;)