Sunday, February 27, 2011

Neon grey...

Finally the temperature has raised, just a few minus degrees after what felt like weeks of extreme cold! Have spent most of the weekend in Grängesberg but I got a opportunity to go out for a short ride on Saturday.

Decided to take a chance and pumped the tires on my Reign, full suspension premiere for the year!

Used several sweaty minutes to press my bike shoes into the neoprene covers, used to keep the feet dry and warm, wanted the advantage of clipless pedals in the expected snow mush.

Once I got out and tried to press down the shoes in to the pedals but I couldn't make them click into place, a few hundred meter further I realized I had swapped the TIME cleats to Shimano so I could use the shoes at the Velodrome! Doh! The TIME Z platform pedals still gave enough stability so I kept going. :)

First pause, the snow mobile track was in better shape than expected, some loose surface but fully ridable.

As long as I kept the bike some where in the middle of the track I could pedal on.

Always a funny feeling to ride a full suspension bike after several month of rigid bike riding, got a funny grin on my face riding along the track full of small bumps. After that roller coaster I was back out on the road.
Talking about gray, it was a truly dull day...
Rode a nice, steep but short, trail down and out to the small bridge. The orange vinyl on the bike really glowed compared to all the gray.
Still open water in the passage.
Time to head back home.
All nuances of gray...
Nor far and not for long time, but not all rides has to be epic to be enjoyed. :)

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