Saturday, January 15, 2011


Got out a few hours today on the bike today, first plan was to go and see if and how far the bike lane was plowed but since that was boring the plans were ditched and I decided to follow some snowmobile tracks that looked more fun! :)

The poogies was cosy today, -7 to 9 degrees Celsius today.

Quarter past 2, was a bit later than planned.

Thick gray overcast today, we got one day with sun last week...

The ice was massive as usually at the rocks.

Turned out the bike lane was plowed so I decided to inflate the wheels with some more air, what a difference! Well worth the time. :)

Some epic views on the route.

Flat and straight...

Before Blötberget I decided to explore some snow mobile tracks, they were perfect to ride on, hard packed snow!

Kind of weird that there still was open water after the cold weather!

Some nice frost on the surfaces.

The beavers seems to have wrecked havoc.

Was at a cross road but the surface was slightly soft so I went back.

It was cold, just on the edge to too cold for my taste, good thing the speed was lower on the snow mobile track and eased the wind chill . :)

Warning for mine pits!

The ice made exploring of a previously unexplored ruin easier.

No entry here...

Well, I just walked in through another hole. :)

Something electrical took place here some time... Pumping station or someting.

Some weird ice formations inside.

Followed the road and found a small hut, thought I had explored this area before, but apparently not.

There was a primitive bar inside. There was some fascist tags sprayed on the walls, wonder what this place really was used for and where I had come?

Even a stove and a rusty frying pan.

Found something that looked like a hand grande or trip mine, decided not to investigate it further!

There was another building, it lacked a wall so I suppose it was a shooting range some time ago, the range was filled with threes so it must have been long ago.

The tracks continued further.

I had been biking for over an hour so I decided to explore them some other time.

Went back and checked out some previously visited places, still wonder what this was used for.

Found a camp of some sorts, couldn't help getting some deliverance vibes from this place.

After checking the hut and finding a couple of paddles I could here the dueling banjos in my mind!

There were no footprints so despite all odds I decided to start a fire and enjoy some food and drink before heading back home.

*insert dueling banjo music here*

Since it got dark there was no more photos before I was home again.

Had some previous issues with my helmet light but it seems to been depleted batteries since it worked well now. Puh!

GPS-track: 22.6 km, roughly 3h, at least one hour of that off the bike.


  1. What a great post!
    Great pics of lovely winter conditions,
    And a bit Urban exploring!, did look like some kind of grenade/bomb!.
    Was humming the dueling banjo`s song while reading!

  2. ;-) Bra berättelse! Kan bli början på en bok!/Sari

  3. The epic picture was very nice.

    I found the Biltema pogies too warm in -8C, even with bare hands. They will be nice when it is colder, though.

  4. The forecast said it would get warmer before lunch but when it still was -9°C at two in the afternoon I decided not to bike, my gloves are crap and I don't have any pogies.

    Epic beard! :)

    Squeal like a pig!

  5. Coastkid: Thanks! I sincerely hope it was just a dummy of some sort!

    Sari: Hmm, jag får fundera ut ett bra slut! =)

    Yeti: Thanks! I was out earlier in colder weather with the poogies without getting the frozen feeling in my hands, perhaps it was the wind or the moist air?

    Tobbe: Think I'll skip that last part! Now the snow is melting but the temperature is falling.