Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday Icing...

Last weeks plan to get to the Velodrome in Falun didn't work out so by Thursday I felt I had to get out and get some exercise, tried to get out of work early so that I might catch the last rays of the sun.

It had been a really nice day with blue skies and sunshine but my co-workers seemed to keep me occupied, finally at last got away but the sun was setting by the time I got out of the flat.

I bet the birds was high enough to still see the sun...

Took the route by the stream, thought I'd try to ride the other direction than last time. Since then there had been some snow fall so I hopefully wouldn't have to worry about slippery ice this time!

There was some head wind so the poogies was a blessing.

Gah! Can't be that long ago the sun went below the horizon...

Here I went out on the ice.

Perfect grip! There was a centimeter or two of snow on the ice and it was not loose.

Could keep good speed, but the wind was colder than I had anticipated.

About to round the pier, didn't want to cross the ice where ABB had a water outlet, still open water there!

Further ahead I one again went out on the lake. Followed the snow mobile tracks.

Still head wind.

That's haw deep the inprints from my tires was.

Stunning scenery!

Found some tracks going the direction I wanted to go, decided to follow them.

Sorry about the wind noise!

Rounded the cape and wind shelter I visited a few weeks ago.

Had to look out that I kept the bike on the snow and not cross to many slippery patches!

Just had to stop and try perpetuate the scenery!

Just before I got where I was heading I cane across this ice track, probably used for snow mobiles but I wouldn't say no to try some motor bike with spike tires on it! :)

Now I had to stop and get a extra wind jacket from my Camel Bak, felt like the temperature kept falling and the wind didn't help! Just look how seriously bad it was! ;)

Ludvika somewhere on the right.

Followed the tracks back on to land again.

Starting to get dark, surprised how much snow still hang on the trees.

On to the bike lane.

Time to head back to Ludvika, the wind jacket started to help getting warm again.

Just had to stop and check out the poor wooden boat some one had left in the water before the ice set. Wonder if it will make it?

Hmm, think my tiny flashlight on the bike might blind on coming traffic....

Back home again, time to get ready for Thursday sushi (went for the yakiniku though) and first film for the season at the Film club.

Just a pity I didn't manage to get out earlier, but then again I would had the sun in the eyes most of the way. =)

Hope there will be good weather this weekend, might be a revisit!