Friday, January 21, 2011

The Small Escape...

Yesterday (Thursday) it was fantastic weather! This after some really gray and dull days with rain and several degrees plus. To top it all the sky was almost clear blue now! Defenetly worth a extra long lunch break.

Decided to follow the bike lane that runs along lake Väsman, took the shortcut there.
All the snowmobile tracks was hard packed after the warm days.
The small patches of water in the stream was frozen. Didn't dare to go down there and ride the bike on the ice.
Cracked ice sheets here and there.
Getting close to Skuthamn, a large parking lot, covered with ice!
Decided to follow the tracks out on to the lake.
Still like concrete.
The snow had really been affected by the warm temperatures but the crust was not hard enough to carry me and the bikes weight. :(
Could see some iceboats in the distance, seems like they are quick to get on the ice as soon as is possible to run them on the ice.

Did a lame attempt to try ride thre on the ice but it was way to slippery to be enjoyable, went the other way instead.
The water level is low, usually only the top of these stones show above the waterline.
Some nice cracks here and there in the ice.
Blue skies it was.
Since I couldn't ride on the ice I followed the shore and rode on the edge where the snow
became ice.
Rode towards Sörvik on the lake and skipped the bike lane, this was way more fun! :)
ABB in the distance.

Continued onward on the ice.
Short brake to take some shots.
Hard to look gloomy on such a great day!
I was glad I went this direction, had I chosen to go and look at the iceboats I would had the sun in my eyes, it was bright enough as it was, there was some funny polarizing effects here and there on the ice when looking against the light.
Managed to brake off a chunk of ice and place it on the surface.
After a while I was starting to get some distance to Ludvika.
The low water level had created some mini ice caves along the shore. Squezeed my camera into one of them.
Now I was getting onto one of the larger bays.
Figured I was worth a short brake to enjoy the sun! :)
The last last strech on the ice I rode in the path after a snowmobile, there was some thin ice on top of the thick ice so I managed to get some grip on the Endomorphs when I cracked the ice riding over it.

Then I was up on the ground again.
The bike lane was almost as icy as the lake but here they had put some sand on it.
Was starting to get late, but I had to stop and take a few shots when I saw there massive ice walls on the way back to Ludvika.
Ice popsicle tree.
Almost back in Ludvika, almost sad that I had to get back to work again. :(
Of course I fell on the ice a few times, luckily I didn't hurt my self but later in the evening I could feel some slight back pain but it was totally worth it! :)



  1. No coffee on the coffee island?

  2. Hehe.. No, some time perhaps. :)

  3. Åh, vad orättvist. Vi har haft typ 10 grader minus!

  4. Idag var det betydligt kallare, och molningare...