Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Spelunking...

Ok, it's Sunday and for the first time in weeks (feels like it) the temperature was only 4-6 degrees below zero! The weather forecast is telling the cold is coming back hard again starting on Monday! So it's kind of now or never for a while if I want to ride without freezing to bits!

Last time I was out a bit longer I wasn't out of the flat until late afternoon, this time a was better prepared and was out at 12. Even the packing was better prepared! :)

Slightly windy and snow i the air, a bit more snow in the woods, at least that's what I'm expecting, not even sure I will be able to reach the destination of the day!

If I make it it will probably be one of the longest winter rides so far!

Ditched the rear fender, don't know why I kept it on so long, there has been no water that's not frozen for a while now!

Ludvikaforsen is out of water and just filled with snow...

The bike lane wasn't in the best of conditions but the fat tires took care of the rough surface, a bit less good than usual since I had slightly higher pressure because I knew it is a bit further to ride than normally...

Passing some buildings on the other side of the lake.

Less people been walking here, suits me fine, smoother ride! =)

Different shades of gray...

A short visit inside a abandoned house. The text says to leave the repairs for the professionals!

Inhouse parking.

External view.

Hairy mooseses without horns!

Avoiding the main road, passed some nice houses.

Think this might be a mill of some sorts.

This is what I was avoiding, worth a slight detour.

More detours. A play yard in the middle of nothing (Gräsberg, sorry!) Decorated with pink elephants, but where is the kids? Probably inside, smart!

No time to waste, I had 18km to go, one way...

Had to stop and take a few shots of this ditch.

Better let the bike rest while I take some shots.

I could no longer avoid the main road (unless I took a very long way around), thankfully it's only a short bit.

Now I was on the old road I believe, it goes parallel next to the main road.

Suddenly I saw something small and brown run around in the snow, didn't manage to take a shot of it but I believe it was a weasel, a small one, to big and long to be a mouse.

Last sight of civilization?

This is where they had stopped plowing the snow.

Glad someone had drove a car here, I got good training of my balance trying to keep the bike on the tire track.

Ah! After a few kilometer the road was once again ploughed(?).

Time to climb up the road.

A sign telling No Unauthorized, Private road.

Getting close now, signs! Jätturn.

Oh no's, the boats has been taken out of the water for the season! ;)

Ze German mine. 140 meters deep.

Ok, here I could choose to push my bike though the woods for 1.9 kilometers, OR take the forest road for 1.8 km, guess which one I took? ;)

That's right, I hit the road.

Talking about balance, this was a several kilometers long road just to train that! Glad I didn't strain any muscles in the down hill parts while correcting my direction!

Kind of glad the sun wasn't out, I would get snow blind (photokeratitis) staring at the track!

Finally at the cul-de-sac!

The area is a preserve.

Time to get down to the lake, this was less steep than I remembered... ;)

Some old woods...

A bench to rest at, no problems going down, perhaps when I push the bike up again. I hope I don't regret bringing it down with me...

Playing with the lines.

A narrow passage just before hitting the bottom!

Oh, I can see the cave!

More information boards.

The "camp site".

Have to make a fire before exploring the cave.

Talking about exploring, have to take a peek inside the small hut.

The door was just leaned against the opening.

Put a note in the guest book.

Ah, finally! Nice to have dry wood for fire.

Didn't take long to get the fire going.

While the fire starts I can check out the cave. Better bring the bike with me.

It's not that big, but the caves are few around here. :(

I Bet someone has jumped down there into the lake some time.

Parked outside.

Lot's of text in the arch at the opening.

A peek inside.

A opening in the ceiling, someone have climbed up there to write his/her name. Almost like a chimney!

Less snow on the ice inside but still some frost.

Looking outm the car on the right isn't the latest model!

A LOT if scribbles inside. Some quite old.

Harry, perhaps I should modify it to Harri? ;)

Should I pronounce some spells now?!

Some ice stalagmites or tites?

Wonder if there's been bikes inside here before? :)

Another exterior shot. Kind of glad I brought the bike down with me.

Time to get back to the fire and have something to eat! Exciting video follows...

Brought some sausages, meant to be boiled not grilled but still tasted good!

Had to make a stick not to burn my fingers.

As I said, better prepared now, the rum tasted as good as it gets!

The small amount of light that's been available started to fade, time to start thinking about getting home.

While pushing the bike up the steep hill the idea of bringing the bike down suddenly felt like a stupid idea! ;)

This time it was easy to find the way, just follow my old tracks!

Hmm, back at the gate that was closed now. And that was the last shot, the dark made shooting more photos hard and I was going the same way back so really no need to repeat everything! =)

Don't know what happend to the GPS on my way home but someting wasn't right, it was roughly 18km one way so I almost ride 40 km but the GPS only registred 29km. :(

Not the most fun ride to get there and back but I was worth the while! :)


  1. I chickened out jumping from that cliff. I snorkeled the landing site and it was OK, stood at the top ready to launch, but...

    I guess you are the first to have a bike in that cave. :)

    You could have taken the east road home via Schisshyttan and Gubbo. Zoom in on Jätturn and you see the road just a few clicks to the east.

  2. Yes and no, I rode it down partially, mostly in the beginning, it's steep! :)

    Would make quite a splash to jump from there, not sure I would dare either, perhaps if it was possible to start low and progress higher.

    Yes, the Gubbo road was in the plans a while but I opted for the other road since I knew how much snow there was, the Gubbo road might have been better, I don't want to know! ;)

  3. Häftig grotta! /S