Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Heat wave!

Couldn't resist going out for a ride in the sun, the mercury was showing around -17 Celsius. Dressed with three layers it wasn't that bad actually, as long as one biked slowly. ;)

This is as far as the sun goes at noon.

The pogies was perfect today, ony had my fairly thin Hestra gloves under, no problem with freezing fingers, so worth looking like a dork! =)
With the light mounts on the helmet I was looking dorky anyway!
The cold seems to scare people from walking.
Good thing I had some little pressure in the tires so I wasn't going fast on the flat = less wind = less wind chill!
First photo op.

Since there has been hardly any wind all the snow was still clinging on to the branches.

Now the cross country skiing track was prepared, good thing the skate path was perfect for bike riding. :)
After a while I went back in to the forest, suprised that I was able to ride the bike here, without too much effort.
Some sun light managed to penetrate through the trees.
Back out on the ski track on the other side. Road down to the lake.

The old tree still standing.
Winter landscape.
Still open water at the water processing plant.

Captain Frosty Beard decided to come and make a visit.
Time to get back home.
Just had to stop and shoot some ducks!

A final ego-shot.
Almost at home now!


  1. Nothing like sun and a refreshing air temperature outside.

  2. Great post!, i await delivery of some barmitts...
    We have a thaw here but im sure there will be mor snow again soon!
    Happy New Year!

  3. coastkid: Thanks! The mitts are great, glad I bought them, my hands are thanking me. =)

    Happy New Year!

    Yeti: Yeah, I know you know that! :)