Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November last...

Last day of November, better make use of it! Sneaked out of office one hour before lunch, got dressed for the cold (took almost 20 minutes!) and went out for a short ride in.

The temperature was around -10 Celsius in the sun, it's apparent that the cold weather from last year was of no use to get used to the cold!

The sun managed to hid behind the cloud just as I took this shot.
Nice frost on the sign despite the sun shining straight on it.

Dared to go out on the ice,.
Would I dare to ride on the ice?
Hmm, some has walked here though...
Better go get the bike.
This went well!
Better not push my luck, reallocated to the other end of town.
In the woods.
Less wind here, equals less cold! :)
There's not that much snow in the forest, all the snow seems to fall somewhere else than here, that's fine by me, that means the trails are ridable.
Untouched snow.
Had to ride a part on the ski track, only one track made.
Back at the bridge, the water has turned to ice. No risk of putting the bike up for a shot.
Sun on the other side of the lake.
I'm in the shade...
Better start getting home, some trails had more snow than others.
The wind hadn't managed to blow this snow down.
Last trail out of the forest.
Back home, the most from the breathing effectively froze my beard! Not strange I felt strains in my whiskers! ;)
The forecast promises even colder for the 1:st of December and the nearest days to come, I just hope it won't be as cold as last year already, seriously considering moving to a warmer place in that case!

Time to get some sleep!

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