Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fun in the sun!

Was a bit disappointed this Monday I didn't mange to get out for a ride in the sun, on Tuesday the snow poured down and on Wednesday I was in Borlänge all day with no chance for biking in daylight.

Well, today I compensated for that, it was a perfect day, light breeze, and only a few minus degrees and the sun actually gave some warmth! =)

Too tired to comment, the images has to talk for themselves. :)



  1. looked a great day out harri!
    love the Pug on the Pier picture!
    (thumbs up)

  2. It was great indeed, too bad it was only a short ride. Thanks!

    About the pier picture, I managed to get the pug to stand up, leaning against the water bottle, but as I carefully took a few steps backwards to take a shot the bike fell just as I was about to press the trigger!

    Glad it fell against me and not into the lake! =)

  3. Looks good, you snow seemingly lasted a little longer than ours.

  4. I happy as long it's above -10! =)