Friday, November 5, 2010

4x4 Track Wehicle

On Sunday there was a meeting at Björnhyttan for the local 4x4 terrain club, a friend of mine had managed to get hold of a Bandvagn 206 made by Hägglunds, now a part of BAE System. This one is used in civil services.

A college picked me up in Sunnansjö, we got to the site a bit later than the true enthusiasts so there had already been some terrain driving done.

As can be seen...
The steering is done by hydraulics between the front and rear part of the vehicle.
BV206 is amphibious so some water or dirt is no problem at all. =)
There were of course regular 4x4 vehicles out on the track.
Some of them parked here.
Time to get a ride inside the BV206.
Trying to go uphill, a VERY steep part!

Some times even the best get stuck.

There was a large log that got stuck in the rear part of the vehicle.

The passengers look on when the log gets removed using a chainsaw.

The journey continues!
It's going slowly but it's still a bumpy ride despite the suspension in the tracks.
View out from the rear passenger wagon.
Terrängbil 11.
Out to another excursion.

Good thing it's a slim vehicle, not muck room between the trees some times!
Looking out of the side window.
I'm getting out before a large mud track.
Pushing through the mud!
The mud is pushed in front of the vehicle.
Looks like brown porridge! :)

Nice squishy sound as the mud flows back in to the tracks made by the BV206.
Managed to take a self portrait with the fisheye.
Glad to know we had a low center of gravity, it's was leaning in every direction now and then!
Terrängbil 13.
The light weight 4x4.
A nice day out in the forest, slightly less vehicles than last year let's hope there will be many more next year! :)


  1. Pure white-trash entertainment! Ftw!

  2. that looked fun!
    great wee films and pics

  3. Thanks! Yeah it was fun, too bad I have too many hobbies already and no room, or I might had invested in a four-by-four my self. =)