Friday, October 22, 2010

Wide open...

Cyberfoto had a limited offer on the Samyang MF 85mm f1.4 I could not let it pass by, first time I bought a brand new fully manual lens! Did a research on the lens and both reviewers and users seemed very impressed with the lens.

Apparently it was supposed to be sharp wide open at f1.4, the depth of field is however razor thin so a good focus skill is required! I plan to use it mostly for landscape and portraits so super fast focus is not critical.

Made a super exciting unboxing video, mostly for Tobbe who seems to enjoy those. ;)

Forgot to set the camera on AE-lock so it flickers a bit:

Only had time to take a few test shots with the lens and my Nikon D90, all shots taken with wide open aperture:
Very pleased so far, the shots has a LOT of contrast and the colors look great, not to forget the bokeh, that is simply fantastic! The lens feels very well built and is quite heavy, the focus ring is wide and easy to use even with gloves on and have a nice feel to it. Some report problems with the aperture blades that get stuck, I hope I have warranty left if that happens.


  1. Love the last shot. I like a really shallow depth of field :-)

  2. Thanks, had the weekend to play with lens, think I like it more and more! Glad that the D7000 hopefully will meeter automatically AND that it has 1/8000 sec as minimum shutter speed (and base ISO at 100). Will come handy at bright days and f1,4!

  3. I did not even play the video. ;P

    Looks great, short focus range ftw!