Sunday, October 10, 2010


Another weekend, another ride, this time I felt for trying a longer ride, so I checked out the map and noticed a trail going from Smedjebacken to Björbo.

Since it's unknown territory for me I decided to bring some food and lights in case it would take longer than anticipated...

It was supposed to be sunny today (Saturday) according to the weather forecast but it looked dull in my eyes, well, at least it wasn't raining! :)

Wonder if he got any fish?

I had no time to find out, had to get going if I was to get home in time!

Had to stop at the bridge to take a few shots.

Dunno what the strings on the edges and that rubber snake is supposed to do but it wasn't scaring the duck to keep away from the float.

Another bridge, now on the main road towards Smedjebacken.

Nice patterns in the forest with the light and dark patches.

Thought it was better to take the road since I had no clue how the trail would be.

Well, I could always take a small detour, specially if it looked this nice!

The dam for the small power station in Lernbo.

A short "canal" from the lake.

The dam building showing.

Close in.

There was some water on the road too.

Slightly gooey surface.

Yet another bridge.

The small outlet.

The big!

A black hornless moose! Better watch out, moose hunting week is coming up on Monday!

Passing some beautiful infrastructure on the way...

Just after the transformation station I turned right in to unknown terretory, for me...

I followed the map in my phone and thanks to the GPS I knew I should be close to the trail head. IF i had remembered it right... :)

"Just around the bend"

Hmmm, this looked like the place, but no trail head in sight. According to the GPS it should be near, I rode into the field and realized it was just mud! Weel, I kept going and dragged my bike in to the forest, there it was wet and messy with trees and roots.

Luckily I stumbled across the trail after a while, I practically stod on it before I could see it, I was sooo close to turn around and go back!

Not so shabby!

Further ahead it looked like this, thankfully it was no problem to ride the trail.

Then I got a bit lost before I figured out where I was, found a old box filled with wood, think most of it was rotten by now.

The gravel road was newly resurfaced.

Ah! Finally a sign! Smeleden, I kind of suspected it was going to be it, and probably this was the actual trail head for the trail. ;)

It went in to the forest again to the right, doesen't look particulary well used...

Here if was way more wet, the water was running on the trail like in a ditch.

Passed a fwe deep puddles, I was surprised I had managed to keep my feet dry this far!

The road was quite spongy.

Was pulling out the camera from the bag on my chest, lost the grip and the camera fell to the ground from about waist level, looked down and found that the lens had separated from th body!

Looked closer and noticed that the plastic mount that was on the lens was broken, two of the three flanges was torn off! I totally lost the mood and decided to get home again. I had been out for about 2 hours and looking on the map there was road close by, crossed a clear cutting and made it back to the main road.

Had a short break on the way home and ate the sandwich I had with me, tried to go home a other route than I took there so I passed a road I found a wile ago, this time I went the opposite direction.

Going back I noticed this peculiar tree that I had not seen when I passed going the other direction.

Could have been something straight out from "Lord of the rings" or something, like a face frozen in a middle of a scream!

Took a peek in the "mouth" and there was a huge hole inside the tree, wouldn't surprise me if some animal had lived in there! Have to go back with a proper camera, only had the camera in my phone working...

Just at the bridge that I passed a few hours ago stood this not so old Volvo and smelled bad.

Looking from the front it was obvious where the stench came from!

Not the first Volvo to burst into flames, there have been a few but I thought that they had been fixed but apparently not this one.

Suddenly my broken lens seemed like a minor set back, it could have been worse! ;)

I later read in the newspaper that the driver had noticed a drop in the engine power and warning signs had light up, he then went out to look in the engine compartment and noticed a fire, he slammed down the hood but the fire spread almost like a explosion.

Note: On Sunday the sun was shining all day, that day I spent in the basement in Grängesberg, finnishing the walls and doors to the room for the downhole heat exchager...

Was out for 3h and 30min.

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