Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Ride X

Today it was Wednesday, been a while since I was home on a Wednesday and able to go for a ride. Think we ended up with nine participants before we left the starting point.
I had my Crescent, still in single speed setup and still with 42x14 gearing, was hoping for a ride over flat areas, that turned out to be partly true, the only big hill was the one between Björsjö and Smedjebacken.

I was prepared to turn around and go back the same way we came but luckily I got some help from my co-riders, getting pushed up the steepest parts! Thanks! :)
It was quite cold compared to last time I was participating, had shorts but I was glad I had a long sleeved jacket!
Got a few curious questions about my single speed gearing, explained I was training for the Ronde van Retard in Göteborg the 11th of September. I DO need to put a larger rear sprocket...



  1. I had totally forgotten about the Wednesday rides, had I known I would have been there. It was amazing weather yesterday and I did not wont to stop riding going home. But I forced myself and swapped brakes on the Glory (no other time until Sunday).

  2. Today the weather seems to be even better than yesterday! =)

    So now you will be able to break properly again? ;)

    Damn, I don't have time to be at work, I would like to go to Gesunda this Sunday but there seems to be no time over for that right now... :(

  3. Again? I've never been able to brake the Glory properly... :/

    The Gustavs are brand new and not broken in, but it's still kinda scary to hit the brake levers - now that's stopping power! Yikes! :-O Especially since I'm used to the ABSaints. Tested them a little down in the basement yesterday, Sunday will be interesting! One finger wheel lock with out straining is supposedly possible and they are claimed to still have great modulation. Time will tell!

    Hope you find the time to tag along!

  4. Well, they worked sort of OK in Åre after a few days? I only borrowed your bike a few hours. :)

    I hope I can make it, not many days left this year for DH in Gesunda. :(