Sunday, September 5, 2010

Friday after work ride...

After almost three weeks of vacation and hardly being at home while having it I was back at work on Wednesday. By Friday the urge to go for a bike ride got too strong since the weather was lovely.

One has to embrace the few good days that might be at this stage of the summer!

Decided to go for a short ride on familiar trails. Sky over Gammelgården.

Decided to go for the 10km track round Knutsbo.

Ok, it's a bit too much but I had to try the new POC gloves with my Reign, better take a photo while the colors still are fresh. :)

Try find my bike! ;)

Had to take a lot of shots so I could rest after the climb...

The mushroom season is here, this one looks extra yummy!

Decided to try out a nice trail I haven't used for a while and just a short distance in I found these discrete track and a lot of trees over the trail. :/

Think I found the perpetrator!

I have to admit, I was slightly jealous of those fat tires!

Eventually I managed to navigate through the mess and get out to the open.

The sun was low and didn't give much warmth but it was shining!

Passing Övre Hillen just before entering Ludvika again.

I was close to home but it was just too nice out side so I went for a bonus round. Here at Gårlången.

On the other side of the shore.

A final blurry photo shot from the saddle while biking.

Almost a hour and a half well spent! =)


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  1. Looks great! It's been ages since I took a MTB ride at home.

    Did you take the gloves and bike photo with your tongue? :D