Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Double crap!

Got a PM from Linkenn on Happymtb, he wondered if I was up for some ride sometime during the week, and that time was today! =)

It was decided to meet up outside Sibylla at Hillängen but I got no answer on my message, decided to go past Sibylla anyway, but no Linkenn in sight, continued towards Sörvik where it was planned to bike.

On the way there I almost got run over by an old Volvo 142, turned out to be him, he was late from work! Well, after a while we were ready to go, took the bike lane to Sörvik and then up towards Gussjöstugan on the forest roads.
After a while we took a trail in to the woods and up to a wide trail. Linkenn complained about his rear gears on the technical trail up. He hadn't made any service on the bike in a while...
After getting down to the forest road again and turning in on the trail up to Gussjöstugan his gears did not longer work at all, he had to stop and inspect the rear wheel and gear mech.

All looked fine, then I noticed the rear wheel seemed loose and he started to check the quick release, that too was OK. After rocking the rear wheel with the hand there was a strange noise and it was obvious that the frame was broken! (Sorry about the crappy photo!)
The chain stay on the right side had just snapped off! Crap!

We had managed to go some 10km from the parking lot and we now had to go back with a broken bike, it was impossible to sit on the bike and ride it back. Took it's while to get back to the car.

Noticed this old truck on the way back to the parking lot, had to take a shot, at some point it had been converted to a tractor with rigid rear axle.
Only thing left to do was to pack up the gear in the car and go home.
Just as I was about to ride home too, I managed to fall over and hit the asphalt! This time my head didn't hit the ground but a sharp stone sliced through just under my knee! Crap!

Not far from home I thought it was better to go home than start to stop the bleeding.
So there was the double crap! The knee feels a bit stiff but I hope it won't interfere with the down hill riding in Åre in a couple of days...

Hope you find a new frame before Cykelvasan Erik!


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