Monday, August 16, 2010

Åre, Day two.

Second day was a resting day, we spent the morning to fix the bikes, I switched my rear bike pads, Tobbe swapped oil in his Fox40 fork and Andreas did the same work on his Boxxer.

New and old pads, guess which is which! ;)

"I squish you!"

Åre beach!

Tobbe seemed to have lost his head!

Made a road trip to Lundhags. Strange power line poles on the way there!

Åreskutan basking in the sun.

Kristin packing her bike in a bag for taking on the train home, and then she will come back to Åre for some hiking, she really must like going by train. ;)

The boys make sure she does everything right. =)

Our new Room mate bribed us with beer, thanks David.

Later we got a visit from the Ö-vik-boys.

The dudes from Göteborg also found us! Full house! =)

That's almost it, a few more photos here:
dag3 - 100815

Who knows what day 3 might bring? (Even if some hints is already posted. :))

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