Sunday, August 15, 2010

Åre, Day 1

On Saturday we spent the first day on the mountain, there was a degree of moist in the air but it was still enjoyable! :)

Lot's of mud and wet roots made the descents more exciting than necessary sometimes but no major crashes.

Morning, view out of the bedroom window, staright across the road lays Systembolaget. =)

Finally in the lift on the way up! The cabin that goes straight up to the top was closed for bikes so we had to go up in stages to get all the way up to the top.

JoMenSåAtt got some troubble right away, the rear brake made some strange noise, we spent a few minutes fixing it at Hummeln.

Used the moment to try catch some of the views.

It was slightly misty on the top

A few runs later we were all covered with mud! We run into Marran at the bottom of the hill and he joined us for the rest of the day, Me, the_TnT and JoMenSåAtt.

A short photo stop at Hjulingen.

Marran crosses Bräckebäck.

the_TnT after we stod on the side of the trail to get some photos.

Marran get the first and last flat tire of the day. We thought we would make it down, and manage to catch the last gondola up to the top again but we missed it with just a few minutes.

So we took the French Connection back to Fjällängen.

Finnished with a burger at Broken.

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