Saturday, July 24, 2010

Went to Grängesberg today for a visit, my brother and his girlfriend was visiting, they arrived yesterday from Stockholm, today arrived his girlfriends mother from Orsa. With me I had my sister from Gubbo. =)

Mum's orchids still bloomed. Perfect subject to calibrate camera on. ;)
Marit and Hanna doing crafts. Bracelets apparently.
Juha preparing food for the BBQ.
Hanna concentrated working on the pearls.
My brother did a fine job with the BBQ spits!
Meat on the grill!
My mother got a gift from Marits mother.
Juha took over the BBQ:ing so I could take some photos.
Time to eat!
My plate.
Hanna's plate.
It was simply delicious!
Checking out the results from the crafting.
It had been cloudy and raining, suddenly the sun came out, just before it was about to set.
After digesting the food for a couple of hours and some talking it was time to go home. Hanna demonstrated a Android app that just display the current speed, here in the HUD-mode, pretty cool actually! It's called SpeedView.
Now, time to sleep!


  1. Trevligt! Såg gott ut med BBQ och fint med pysslet.! Saknar er! Kram, Sari

  2. Jag sa förvisso att jag inte skulle kommentera bilderna, men eftersom du knappt fotat mat innan: Bra gjort!