Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well bottom!

Yesterdays outing in the woods gave some taste for more forest rides. Since it was Friday and all I decided to go a longer ride.

It's a long time since I was to Källbotten (directly translated to "Well bottom") so that was the goal for today, thought about doing the short version since I felt a bit tired and I was out biking yesterday.

Another fine day, had tailwind but that felt good since most of the time I will go up hill.

Took the usual path to Biskopsnäset.

Slightly boring surface, good time to take some shots...

Made it to the narrow bridge over Gårlången. (lake 1)

Let the bike rest a while.

Standard view.

Zoomed in on the wires near the bridge.

Now i was glad for the tail wind, it will be down on the way home...

Lake 2. Djuptjärnen.

Decided to explore a new trail.

Turned out it went pretty much straight to the cabin where I have visited H&J.

It's situated at lake Öradtjärn (lake 3).

Some abstract forms.

Zoomed out.

And finally a panorama stitched from 7 photos. (I recommend the large version, just click on it.)

A self portrait. At lake Snaven (lake 4!)

Bike in tree filtered light.

Here I tested the floating abilities of gungfly, that's basically bryophyte and vegetation grown together, floating on the water, didn't find any English word for it but in German it's called "schwingrasen". My father told me that when he was a little kid in Finland they hacked of large chunks of it and used it as floats!

I went to the edge and felt the warm water, couldn't resist go skinny dipping, I hope no one saw me struggle getting back on shore again! I'm pretty sure that the scene that took place violated several articles in the Geneva convention! No photos of that! ;)

Think it had gone some 2h by now so I took a snickers break before I continued back home.

Nice view.

Had to try a panorama of that too...

The wild ducks kept flying back and forth over the waster surface.

Finally time to go down!

Had to exercise the focus trapping function in the Casio.

Still a pity about the cut down forest, it was way more cosy before.

Amazing how fast the trail is covered by grass now that the sun gets to it.

Had to stop and play with the ore separator, some strong magnets in there, video later!

Checked out the now partially demolished cistern.

Took the long route back home, it was so nice outside!

On my way home I realized I had to have some food, been ages since I had a Iskender kebab so that is what I got in the bag! =)

I must have been really hungry, the kebab vanished in no time, if I'd had more I would have eaten that too!

GPS-plot, slighlt over 3h for ~27km:


  1. Looks like a lovely ride! And with a swim and all, very nice. I'm sat here with a sore throat hoping for it to go away before I leave for France...