Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Look up!

Did a short ride last evening, had to get out on a round, decided to try out the video-mode on the Casio EX-HF100 now that I had managed to get it work properly. Had some strange effects in the highlight areas until I made a factory reset of the camera. Now it seems to work OK! =)

The title aims at all the sky photos I took on the ride, should have had a super wide angle to be able to cover it all, did a panorama at least, second photo.

It was like making interval training biking back and forth by the camera, not to mention to and from it. =)

Made a short video of the clips just to see if MS movie maker would be able to handle the video format, the encoder made the video look "jerky" here and there. :(



  1. I actually bought an EX-HF100 yesterday :-) Got any tips or tricks?

  2. Ah! :)

    Not som many tricks or tips to help you with, not yet atleast.

    One thing though, you can assign different functions for the left/right on the main select button on the back, very convinient not having to use the menu all the time.

    The "Into frame"-mode in BS-meny is quite fun to use, also customisable, "pre-shot" function is worth looking into too.

    Hmm, seems like I had a few tips. ;)

  3. Thanks! I'll have a look at those things.